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Each orb was a different color and its own Roman Letter etched in a bright neon pink, and each had a varying number of heart-shaped crests. I looked to my hand and saw the Symbol for Alpha resonating with the mark for Sigma, Beta and Zeta.

"Oh, hey! Thanks for reminding me about those puppies, Ri." Cornelius rushed to the orbs and began to explain as he polished them one by one. "These are three of the seven legendary supercomputers called Master Runes, each one said to have ultra-super powers in addition to housing Exabytes by the billions in its hard drive."

"Wait, Magic computers?" I raised an eyebrow at Cornelius, who is taken aback by this.

"Wh-Uh, sure we're still figuring out the power source." Cornelius seemed to be hiding something, or he hadn't a clue. "But by all means, these artifacts aren't magic!"

{Yeah, keep telling yourself that.} The Alien then turned its attention to us. {Because you won't even begin to comprehend what wonders ensue when all seven are gathered together.}

"Wait, So they're part of a set?" I asked.

{I am Zandaxein Burshiram Shamtul of the Zulodeon world.} Introducing himself, Zandaxein dodged the question. {And I once gathered all seven of the runes, and had a perfect wish granted by the celestial guardian of the law of cycles.}

"There he goes again, rambling about how he took over his home galaxy in an attempt to wish for a key to bring fictional worlds into reality that hold other sets of artifacts that are remotely like it." Cornelius sounded apathetic towards Zandaxein's words "It's all mumbo-jumbo from an alien culture we don't know about. Fascinating, but I wouldn't keep the lore to heart in my way of thinking."

{You believe the words of the government media?} Zandaxein glared at the man with a silent bitterness towards his actions. {I came to this planet to escape the agency, I sadly didn't realize its dominion over it until it was too late.}

As Zandaxein lamented his situation, I glanced towards a familiar face. Mrs. Zolbert, obviously fresh from whatever fountain of youth she crawled out of over the summer back home after seemingly taking the slow path. But there were some minor differences, she was more doe-eyed, clean of all wrinkles, and her figure was a bit perkier. She looked fresh out of college for being in her late nineties, so why is she talking with those two people in purple robes? 

"Alright, I'm going to have to split the tour, A guide's going to show up for Bonnie, Boo, Riley, Zack, Wanda, Jordan, and Cloud. While I'm bringing Seph, Mikiyu, Shakti, Yen-Sid, Eraqus and Xehanort to the next room." Cornelius hurried them off to the next room as Eraqus tried pushing his way from "Don't forget to drop off the Flickdriver belt, and be sure to report to the lobby when the tour is complete!"

{I sense a high soul density in you} Zandaxein eyed me as Bonnie hid close behind. {It's amplifying your midichlorian count to an amazing degree.}

"Wait, so you're a Jedi or something?" I felt Zandaxein's bear-like hand brushing upon my face.

{I've fought and traveled alongside Jedi...} Zandaxein's expression turned to regret. {But I am not one myself as you can tell by these restraints. My selfish wish earned the ire of the Jedi as my imaginary world fell to chaos at the hands of my avatar, this is why I fled from my home.}

"Wait, avatar?" This got Bonnie's Brain churning with a logical conclusion. "As in a video game! You can control another you!?"

{I did, but I forgot about that other 'me' and allowed him to his own devices.} Zandaxein's expression now sported grief. {It was the biggest mistake of my life...}

A chill started shivering down my spine, as if there was something looming over us. My eyes darted across the room to find Pop Up Windows adorned with... Unversed?!

{Player Two is here!}

From the Desk of Riley Andersen
Master Runes - 64 gigs a second. 2600 Yottas of Memory, 5200 of RAM, and an Operating system that projects holograms. That's a futuristic computer if I ever saw one, but its more than that! Zandaxein said that each computer has its own distinct superpower to those who actually end up absorbing it, bonding with its symbiotic technology. I pretty much proved his theory before I even met him through the whirlwind I somehow made with my thoughts. But there are only seven in existance and for a dreab good reason, because gathering all seven together is rumored to connect to the world tree for the purpose of granting a perfect wish. No one knows for sure, but the Master Players intend to find out the old fashioned way. I can bet it's going to be fun.

I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart.

Meet The Robinsons © Disney
Final Fantasy VII © Square Enix
Kingdom Hearts © Disney + Square Enix
Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Inside Out © Pixar
Story © These Aren't Muffins Publishing
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