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Those same Unversed leapt from the screen into full three-dimensional creatures piled onto Zandaxein as he writhes in pain from the ones that were biting, like Floods.

{You must go!} We wanted to reach out to the Zulodeon, try to save it from the parasites. {Your lives are more important than mine, now go!}

We didn't want to, but Zandaxein insisted that we fled to higher ground so we rushed towards Cornelius's path to get the others. I was picking up the rear, but not for the reasons you'd expect.

I focused on the Zulodeon Captain, and my consciousness seemed to synchronize with his own, allowing me to see what he saw. And what he saw was a looming figure in a knightly armor, red cape, ebony armor, and a chiseled face adorned with crimson hair and a few wrinkles. A huge scar across his cheek, he'd be one smelly cigar away from resembling the top tier bankster Garland Goldzatchel who owned on of the banks funding the robotics company that dad works for.

"Sir Zandaxein of Lekcin, You've shaken quite a few of our fighters but now I hold the winning card in this game." Smiled the knight, his right hand is starting to reach for a sword he had holstered to his side. "To think I'd find one of the biggest thorns on our side locked up in a lab somewhere. I'm amazed he didn't decide to dissect you on sight."

{I will admit, I too am surprised that I'm still alive to find others willing to fill the hole that I'm about to leave behind.} Zandaxein let out a faint smile through my biconscious face. {I welcome my end, knowing that there are people who are capable of fighting back against your inbred slaves.}

"I sense a trance of Rewordinessance in you, is someone reading your mind?" The Knight walked around Zandaxein, his eyes darting across the room to seek a certain someone engaging this 'Rewordinessance' thing. So... I guess he means me. "You must have found a strong soul density if you could fall under its influence."

{Really? I guess someone's still here.} Zandaxein seemed to be holding back a chuckle of sorts. {One of your newest threats to your agenda.}

The Master Player had fury in his eyes as he cut the fallen warrior down with one fell swoop, cutting me off from his sight with his pain causing mine. My body writhed its way back into friendliness with my soul as I watched the Zulodeon get cut to ribbons and promptly incinerated.

I made my dash to the travel tubes in an effort to escape Player Two, Zooming from this part of the lab to the part Eraqus found himself in with Mr. 'Keep Moving Forward' himself. With the endless array of travel tubes lining the place, It was easier said than done. Popped up in a vending machine, in a fridge, in a urinal, it was a struggle to find them... the fact that my group wound up splintered in their efforts to flee from the guy certainly didn't help things.

I stopped in my tracks when I found myself cornered by Scrappers. I was trembling in my boots, unsure of my fate when an array of rainbow colored orbs struck the Unversed hordes. I glanced to find a SOLDIER trooper, one with a purple armor adorned with the same blue flame decals as her huge revolver.

"What are you waiting for!" she cried "Use the Flickdriver!"

I spotted a red Switchgear on the third notch to my right, I picked it up and analyzed what it looked like to find a bold color, sturdy casing and the word Valor written on the side. I took a deep breath and slid it into the slot, watching as rings of light solidify around me and fill my body with a burst of unbelievable power. It took a split second for the light to engulf me and a split second more to leave me in this armor.

This Drive Armor.
From the Desk of Riley Andersen
Adforms - You know those moments where you're just hypnotised into doing something against humankind's progression to greatness, you know, stashing devastating nerotoxins into flu vaccines, tearing our civil rights and our way of living asunder in congress, and 'reducing the first world to ruin' with radical retoric, Right or Left. I don't really believe that they do such things, but with what I saw with [INFORMATION REDACTED] I believe that these insects arn't really above doing those things either despite their higher evolution into these spirit-constrictive parasites with the power to manipulate even the flow of events! I have a feeling that Ads are going to be a bigger part in our lives than we thought.

We interrupt this program for this lethal commercial message

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