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I scrambled to fetch something that can help me in the 'Speedy entrance' department in an effort to get to Cornelius and Yen-Sid in time to save the former with the possible help of the Latter. "Okay, Eraqus. Quick Pop Quiz, do you remember the path to the Room you were before the big rescue?"

"Well, seeing as how I was transported here by the Aforementioned writer stink, you're kind of barking up the wrong tree here." Eraqus was not really wrong on that end. "Maybe we could follow the inky path Agent 47 left us?"

"Works for me." Back to Digging for me, and if my knowledge of RE:connect ever served a sort of purpose, I'd also come bundled with a Switchgear themed around the Wisdom Form. And sure enough in the third notch to the left that's exactly what I found! "Right on the money! Hey guys, race ya to the sub-lab!"

The sleeve this time was a deep dark blue, but adorned with accents as blue as the morning sky, and for the finishing touch: a pair of two stars with the second to the right alluding to a certain classic. I began zooming my way through the building in a trail of pink energy, leaving Eraqus and Xehanort enough room to at least keep up with me through their Keyblade Gliders. I glanced behind me to find that I completely rammed through the metal door with my dense Armor alone. Funny, cause I never really knew my own strength with this thing on.

"Welp, we're probably about to walk into a slaughter." Eraqus had all but given up on questioning the situation that they were in and the strength of my suit in general. "May our hearts be our guiding key, I guess."

Letting out a faint smile, Xehanort uttered a reassuring: "Station."

They took out their Keyblade Gliders and followed my path as I soared my way towards these a few Unversed Jars surrounding me like a shooting game. With Wisdom's sharp shooting, they're practically all talk so I opened fire, Red Hot Chili, Blue Sea Salt, Yellow Mustard, Easy to wipe out when the switchgear equipped to your armor allows you to fly and shoot light from your scythe. But I had a feeling that they were just the beginning as a pattern of 'thee reds-three blues-three yellows' tend to be around these parts. As I turned the corner, A whole swarm of Jellyfish protecting a stack of three similarly colored but more elaborate jars were all waiting for me.

"Triple threat, huh?" I glanced to see that it was the blue one below the red one that was on top of the yellow one. "Looks like we haven't been introduced to Mr. Vine Whip!"

I pressed a green coin against the chip reader and sure enough, my arm became a long whipping vine o' nine-tails to grapple the blue one and promptly get flopped to the side for one little girl such as myself to flip kick into its now divorced comrades. The Porcelain scattered across the floor as the fluids squirted out of the berry bodies below the mucus-like caps of the Jellyshade brigade, So all I had to do was keep swinging that Scythe around for a bit to mow the creatures down, and I can only Imagine how Eraqus and Xehanort would cope with the ones I left behind for them to take down.

I looked up to find some Glidewinders above my head and they were going after Eraqus and Xehanort so I figured, 'Hey, I've got time.' and got there by means of a barrage of homing attacks on the Glidewinders, taking them all out faster than you can say 'Gotta Go Fast.' A roundhouse kick here, a cross slash there and I was closing in on the two. So I landed knees first onto a Sonic Blaster, breaking it to pieces and sliding me backwards for a bit because Flowmotion kinda works that way, I guess.

I backflipped in front of Eraqus and Xehanort just to stay at least a little ahead of them, much to my shock that I was actually able to do that. "So, uh... Acrobatic techniques are apparently built into this thing. Who knew?" 

"Just try to pay attention to what's ahead of you," Xehanort mentioned in a sort of irritated tone. "...or in this case, behind you."

I twirled my torso around to find myself speeding towards a Buckle Bruiser at high speeds I braced for impact as best as I could twisting my body around. So naturally Eraqus and Xehanort strike at the creature with their Keyblade Gliders at full ramming speed to knock it to smetherines. I gave them a thumbs up as we now scaled upwards. Boo and Bonnie were safely buckled into the sidecar of Xehanort's Glider, but they're having some intense vertigo.

"Sis, I'm looking down!" cried Bonnie from the higher up as she struggled to keep the Cheesecake and Hot Wings down her gullock "And I don't feel so good..."

"Bon, just hold on, we'll be back to the floor in no time!" I mentioned as I counted the floors we've passed... 21, 22, 23, stopping at the twenty-fourth floor where the trail seemed to have gone cold.

"Must be in the flesh right now." I mentioned as I hopped off the ooze trail, causing the pink glow to slowly subside. Boo and Bonnie exited their sidecart of Xehanort's glider as he returned it to being a Keyblade alongside Eraqus. "All we gotta find is an open door if we're lucky enough for him to leave behind a trail."

"Yeesh, you'd think this thing would be easy to find." Eraqus' complaints were rendered moot when Yen-Sid exited the sublab through the back door to fetch his canteen of water. Once he saw us, the elder teen rolled his eyes and walked to the door.

"Follow me."

From the Desk of Xehanort
'May your heart be your guiding key' - It is a phrase spoken by the Master of Masters to his disciples to be echoed across their own pupils in the days leading up to the Keyblade War. Destiny is never left to chance, and this phrase cements it by saying that it is your heart that guides your ambitions. It is this phrase that drives me to do what I can before [INFORMATION REDACTED], what keeps me bonding with Eraqus in spite of our eerie future. And it is probably what led Riley to us in the first place.

Xeh wrote an entry, too? Well, looks like the reports are not particularly exclusive to the POV of each book. Well, That's worth knowing...

Meet The Robinsons © Disney
Final Fantasy VII © Square Enix
Kingdom Hearts © Disney + Square Enix
Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Inside Out © Pixar
Story © These Aren't Muffins Publishing

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