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Me and my crew had to split up to search for the Agent on the hunt for a rather important target, a few of the SOLDIERs stepped forward to help protect Bonnie and her equally powerless friend. My team consisted of Eraqus, Jordan, Cloud, and a fire-themed troop named Lt Col. Emilia Enhaut, 'Blaze' as they called her. Xehanort had Wanda, Zack, and a SOLDIER in purple named Diana with this lizard hide draped over her sickle. Yen-Sid protected Bonnie and Boo alongside a scarfed Soldier named Xavier, and with Cornelius, was Shakti, Mikiyu, Sephiroth, A SOLDER in a muddy brown with a dundee hat named Rex, and a willowy SOLDIER in green named Leif. 

"Any trace of him yet?" Yen-Sid asked with sign language, after a gesture to say 'not a thing, sir' I sighed to myself and suggested something a bit more modern.

"Hey, Zack?" I asked on the communicator, "You don't happen to have a private chat server, do you?"

SOLDIER 413-989-8571 started pestering SOLDIER 007-108-4512 on 6:01pm
007-108-4512: State your business, Fair.
413-989-8571: Hey, Sephy... I hate to be the bringer of bad news...
413-989-8571: But there's somebody aiming for Cornelius' neck.
007-108-4512: So I've sensed.
413-989-8571: Hold on, you sense something?
007-108-4512: Yes.
007-108-4512: A strange creature is slowly approaching the premises, with the way his dot is colored, it won't look pretty
413-989-8571: Right. So we talking Keyblade Three bad or Nibelheim bad.
007-108-4512: You don't understand!
007-108-4512: This beast is as carnivorous as it is underhanded, such is the agents of the Master Players.
007-108-4512: If I were on this creature's mission, I would probably trace the man from atop the ceiling.
007-108-4512: Embracing the Vertical ascension as I aimed for the final strike, ridding this world of the Father of the Future
007-108-4512: Forevermore...
413-989-8571: So, it's Nibelheim bad.
413-989-8571: Don't worry, we've got ya covered!
413-989-8571: We'll be set to show these dorks the true Olympus spirit over here!
007-108-4512: That's exactly what I am afraid of.
SOLDIER 413-989-8571 ceased pestering SOLDIER 007-108-4512 on 6:03pm

I looked upwards to look for Agent 47 and the rest of them did the same, Wanda was more than itching to fire her Bork Lazer at the guy at the risk of collapsing the building, possibly hurting/ending Cornelius and rendering their whole 'Protect Cornelius Robinson' mission moot, but who am I to judge a guard who's practically twice my size.

{Come out, come out, wherever you are.} I called to the agent with thoughtspeak. {Seriously, come out cause if you don't, this broad'll obliterate you with a gun so destructive, it can use the resulting debris to do your job in your place so...}

"Please Clap." I giggled at Eraqus' awkward peep. But he spoke it instead of- {Sorry, there are literal SOLDIERs on deck. I'll keep my mouth shut if that's fine with you.}

{Yeah, that'll probably help with things.} I shuffled between hiding behind columns, desks, et cetera and glancing towards the Ceiling to find Agent 47. Before we knew it, we were closing in on Cornelius with no Ads in sight. {Hey, Eraqus.}

{Yeah, shoot.} Eraqus replied.

There was something that was bothering me about the SOLDIER troops protecting Cornelius. {You think the tech from Shinra might be-}

{Reverse Engineered from Robinson Tech, well yeah.} Well that shoe was dropped into a rabbit hole I never would've expected. {He's said no to us just taking it to their world and they aggreed to just build their own spin on the gizmos they think might work in relation to Shinra's morality.}

{Wow, that's actually good to know in the long run.} I blushed as I looked to Cornelius who was busy working on something, I couldn't really know what it could be. Cornelius rubbed the orb with the Sigma mark on his Labcoat as he saved the latest draft onto its hard-drive.

"Akrylix... What are you but a slippery little molecule, made of raw energy that can reproduce and reform and reconstruct other Molecules in their own image." Cornelius then glanced at a war chest of alien tech. "Ever since I found you in that guy's spaceship, I've been digging into your secrets. I know how it can be properly utilized but the dangers that you can raise... I just..."

"It slipped your mind?" Cornelius quickly turned around to find us standing there with a curious expression on our faces. Shocked to see us, Cornelius quickly thought up a question for himself to ask.

"You enjoying the tour so far, kids?" Cornelius smiled, struggling to hide what we've already seen. "And hey, I asked for a Guide to take you through the rest of this place. Where is he, anyway?"

"Probably dunked with Zandaxein." This stunned Cornelius, not enough to trouble Cornelius too much, but enough to get a reaction.

"Cog Fraggett! That Zulodeon was my best hope at understanding Akrylix!" Cornelius seemed to be blinded with rage, a rage held back over time that tends to grow with each passing failure and explodes when struck with one setback too many. "Do you have any idea on what could happen now that somebody up and rubbed him out!"

Bonnie seemed to be frightened, not by Cornelius, but by a looming figure unknown to quite a few of us, barring the ones that have actually seen the guy in person already. The cherry on top: He was taking off his glass helmet as he spoke.

"Oh, never you mind, by all means..." He spoke with a bit of a casual tone before sterning back up to an intimidating glare I could finally see with my own eyes. "Give me some Ideas." He spoke with a bit of a casual tone before sterning back up to an intimidating glare I could finally see with an arrangement of boyish, yet masculinely sinister features. A dopey mop of messy brown hair set against a sloped pointy nose.

From the Desk of Eraqus Ende
Thoughtspeak - Originating from technology imported to the Xelodeon Republic from one of their close allies, Thoughtspeak is what allows us to communicate with our thoughts in times of intense stealth. They've since refined it to the point where telekinetic abilities are displayed alongside this particular skill called 'Rewordinessance' which have the capacity to amp up your stealth game, the psycholink Riley's got going on for her is more than enough for us to keep on our toes in terms of staying on her good side.

And Eraqus rounds out the three keyslingers of the group. Something tells me this won't be the last time they won't drop their two cents worth into a friend's book.

Meet The Robinsons © Disney
Final Fantasy VII © Square Enix
Kingdom Hearts © Disney + Square Enix
Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Inside Out © Pixar
Story © These Aren't Muffins Publishing

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