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His glare was adorned with an arrangement of boyish, yet masculinely sinister features. A dopey mop of messy brown hair set against a sloped pointy nose. Cornelius was a bit stunned, not by rage, but by unpleasant surprise. But Bonnie...

"NOOOOO!!!" She was throwing kind of a fit towards the reveal. "You took it off too early! Put that mask back on, and don't let anybody say your name!"

The Agent shrugged as he put the helmet back on, Cornelius watching in awe. "You're looking good for your age, buddy... Well built, not a wrinkle in sight."

"No surprise from where I was pulled..." The Agent smirked from under his helmet "Or should I say 'When'?"

This revelation floored Cornelius to an extent, harkening back to the Time Machine. "Course, I've been pulled in through Multiverse Theory so that my existence is uneffected by the Master Players' ambitions. Hence the invention of the Time Machine."

"Wait, you know about the time machine?" Cornelius was freaking out inside, but still managed to keep his composure up until the Agent's wicked words.

"What did you think your idea of a 'Helping Hat' was truly intended for?" That made Cornelius think back to that prototype: DOR-15 and how it pretty much went rouge and aimed to get rid of Cornelius and the rest of the Human Race. And yet here we were watching a man show off its holographic blueprint to taunt us, Cornelius specifically.

"This is a Retcon Drone, packed with a little Retcon Beam, capable of incasing every atom of its target in a retcon blast!" Agent 47 was spelling out DOR-15's true directive and true intentions, all planned out by her true inventors: The Master Players. "To be perfectly honest with you, Lewis. I'm amazed we haven't swallowed this world sooner."

"Seriously, what sort of grudge do you have against me, what did I ever-" Cornelius stopped and realized the obvious motives of the Agent and the Bowler Hat Guy on which he probably was based "...Little league, I had no idea..."

"And now all that's left is to strike you down before we wash away every trace of your legacy." The Agent was somehow relishing in the sight of Cornelius at his mercy, almost as if he was turned on by it. "While killing your mother before your conception was an appropriate fate for you, your mind is far too precious for us to let go at the moment."

I watched as Eraqus was finishing off the array of Sonic Blaster Unversed to find that we were too late, Cornelius was cornered by an Agent of the true masterminds of his own Time Machine.

"I'll take great pride in watching the Agency who booked me swiftly swipe away your legacy, cleansing your influence, erasing your existence and all that has blessed it with its mere presence." Agent 47 took great pride as he swung his blade through Cornelius, watching a velvet stream paint the floor as red as a rose, Cornelius thought back to everything he's accomplished, everything that sprung from the vital turning point in his life from his successes, his innovations, his family.

His son.

The man stumbled, one last word escaped his blood-covered lips as his body dissipated into light. "...wilbur."

As the ethereal remains of the Father of the Future floated upwards, his cracked glasses were the last hint towards his existence. And I watched as they went from cracked to half broken for the purpose of being a trophy for the Ad Agent, Surely taking delight in their power striking down the great Cornelius Robinson.

From the Desk of Riley Andersen
Cornelius Robinson - I felt this urge to write down any or all info on this guy that I still remember from that day, He was warm, fatherly, like he was a modern Walt Disney. And the world that he helped put together with his Innovations and Inventions was breathtaking up close. No wonder the ads wanted to decimate that one world, no wonder they wanted to [INFORMATION REDACTED], no wonder they wanted to strike him down.

Oh... Now you done goofed!

Meet The Robinsons © Disney
Final Fantasy VII © Square Enix
Kingdom Hearts © Disney + Square Enix
Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Inside Out © Pixar
Story © These Aren't Muffins Publishing

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