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I couldn't believe it was her, her body was the size of a grade-schooler, first, maybe second grade tops. There was nothing left of the stern, mature woman of my homeroom left in this innocent shell.

"Oh, Smoof! Yen Sid, get her outta there before she bites it!" Yen Sid complies towards his younger comrade's orders and dashes to Zolbert's aid, snatching her up as she reached out to the living Ad in vain. "Lucephorik Ads are among the most cunningly lethal of the Agency's arsenal. You'll know that just by feeding one of them your memories!"

Apparently these memories effect her age since this energy seem to be flooding out of her, making her even younger than she's already become. I watched her hair retreat into her body, limbs retract into a more infantile state, baby fat restoring itself as the body shrinks further and further, disappearing completely as she was flung out of her dress by Eraqus' strides.

"M-Ms. Zolbert!" I was stumbling in my armor, afraid of what this thing did to her. I glanced to Eraqus who laid down the facts. 

"These ads lure you in with the promise to undo a particular moment in your life, that's how they infect you. Give them an inch, and they go a full country mile, eating at the emotional memories of the mind, leaching away the biological memories of the body, and divorcing from its victum the synchronous memories of the soul." Eraqus looked to the palm of his hand in shame, "And when there's absolutely nothing left of the person that was, it's impossible for anything to bring them back, not even the Master Runes!"

So these things can eat a guy's entire life away like that! This can not be real... I-It can't! I don't want to die, not like that!

"Scared yet?" The agent bottled up the parasite he materialized to eat my homeroom teacher before summoning a knife from his knuckles. "You will be."

I backflipped away from the agent as he lashed with his claw, leaping from hedge to hedge to escape the Agent's line of sight. But I could only do this for so long as I wound up backed into a corner as I saw a looming figure approaching the gates. 

"Look at that boys, we're almost home free!" Carl, the robotic butler Cornelius built. Impaled by the prototype Retcon Drone whist carrying Wilbur and Lewis, luckily no harm came to them or the memory scanner when they plummeted to the ground, the Retcon Drone seeing to that in the latter's case.

"Take a good look around, boys!" Snorted the Bowler Hat Guy in his sleek, blue time machine that to be honest, I'm amazed that he could actually drive. "Because your future is about to change."

I had to look away since I knew what was going to happen next, especially to poor Wilbur. This meant I had to stare down Agent 47, and the looming dread that went with it took no time at all to sink in.

"Stay back!" I pulled out a Switchgear, one that has a powerful keyblade in its files that could match even the all-powerful x-blade of the Nomura Era. "This puppy's got a keyblade as strong as a 2600 gigawatt barrage to the Twix!"

"Are you sure you want to use a trinket that isn't long for this universe?" Agent 47 flashed his sadistic grin as SOLDIER troopers surrounded him, "Why not let these kind gentlemen and women bring an end to me right here and now."

"Rather they not waste the bullets on scum like you!" Bonnie was running to my aid with Yen-Sid, Eraqus and Xehanort. Sadly, she was too drunk with childlike exuberance to understand these dire straights "My big sister can take you on, any time, any place!"

"Is that a fact?" Agent 47 began walking closer, staring down at Bonnie "You believe in earnest that your sister can save this world."

"Well, she's got a spacebelt." she pointed to the gizmo on my waist as I silently tried to get her to stop building me up like I'm Iron Man or something.

"And despite everything, I ain't afraid to use it!" Though I was afraid, however, of not being able to go home in one piece.

"So you want to fight the assimilation?" Agent 47 summons three Soldier Heartless "Let's see about that, shall we?"

"Alright, Don't say I didn't warn ya!" I readied my grasp on the switchgear, making sure to hold it tight, but the thing evaporated into a puff of smoke before I could slash this trinket into the slot! "What the nuts!"

I wasn't the only one, I watched as all the Flickerdrives on each soldier's waist along with every chunk of armor on each troop dissolved from their bodies, leaving all of them in gray spandex bodysuits as the atoms of their armor flowed outside the continuity, I glanced beyond the hedges to find two young boys panicking over the looming storm, I could tell by the black hair and cowlick that the boy in the lightning bolt shirt was Wilbur and I knew for a fact by Lewis' continued presence that he was gonna be bleached as well. As I watched his physical body get torn atom from atom, I felt a sickening thought crawl into my heart. At least Mrs. Zolbaka lived her life to the apparent fullest.

Wilbur's life had barely begun.

"Now, I know what you're thinking. Should I destroy the girl?" I started to stumble as I looked for a plausible way out. "And the truth may actually surprise you."

Agent 47 extended its claws and lashed out before Eraqus blocked the attack and Xehanort cast: "Stopza!"

The storm stopped, the creature stopped, the flickering lights, everything stopped except us human beings! I couldn't believe what I saw as Eraqus picked me up and fled into the Garage of the Robinson House. The spell was only for thirty seconds so we scrambled for a hiding spot that wouldn't be renovated by the oncoming temporal correction. I went with the broken Time Machine with Eraqus, Yen-Sid, Xehanort, Bonnie and Boo in tow. The SOLDIERS took to the higher floor of the Garage as to not be in Lewis' line of sight upon entering the Garage.

Luciphorz - Ads that infest different worlds and uses the years of someone's emotional and biological memories to weave together puppets to fling deep into the past or inventions that are beyond the modern era's grasp. The effects this has on their victums involve regression in age all the way into preconceptive non-existance, killing the host upon that 'poof' point. But the draining of years does not erase the host's impact on the timeline in the slightest.

Seems real creative, don't you think?

Meet The Robinsons © Disney
Final Fantasy VII © Square Enix
Kingdom Hearts © Disney + Square Enix
Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Inside Out © Pixar
Story © These Aren't Muffins Publishing

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