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"No!" Lewis panicked as Doris loomed ever closer, her true nature as a product of the Agency finally revealed. "No! This can't be happening! No!"

A wide arrangement of glowing red eyes appeared as a family of puppets marched forward.

"Oh, Lewis." sighed Doris with a familiar voice emitted from the most special of the puppets, "It's already happened..."


And then the Retcon Beam blew up the Brainiac.

My eyes snapped open to a renewed fear of just what exactly was happening. Me, my 'sister' and my friends cowering in fear of the power of one of the eight terrifying master players of the Agency.

"OPEN FIRE!" Seph's platoon proceeded to bombard the Robinson Puppets with all sorts of bullets and laser fire only for all shots fired to disintegrate seven inches away from their bodies. Erased from existence as the puppets fire their retcon beams at any target they find suitable..

"It's No Use!" cried Wanda, Her Bork Laser not even phasing the puppets at their full power. "THE BULLETS ARE GETTING BLEACHED BY THE FOURTH WALL!!!"

To say that Wilbur was lucky enough not to be alive to see this was an understatement. The SOLDIER Troops desperately struggle to hold the line as me and my friends were weighing our options from the time machine. With these killer accessories everywhere with built-in 'Retcon Beams' raining down on our Retcon Barriers and I had no idea if we were going to survive or not... I was scared, Eraqus was inexperienced, Lewis was... I had no idea what to do until...

"Hey!" The Radio on the time machine was somehow operational as I heard Cloud's voice. "If anyone's in the time machine, now's a pretty good time to fix her up a little."

"He's right." Yen Sid started looking around for Tools. "We need to finish what he started."

The boy proceeded to clap his hands and somehow that changed his entire wardrobe. Gone was his blue longcoat and silver shoulderpads. Replaced with the flowing robe of a sorcerer, topped of with a nice little cap on his head adorned with the brightest white stars I've seen put to fabric in a while. He glanced to Eraqus who was digging through his inventory as well.

"Ready?" Eraqus responded with a nod as he held up a plastic baby toy to his chin. "Into a rat."

His spell landed on the Toy's cutesy face and bounced back onto him, reducing him to nothing but his just-equiped outfit. I checked to see if he was dead, I found a rat. I wasted no time in trying to dispose of it with a karate chop, but Eraqus and Xehanort restrained me with both hands and legs.

"There's no way that rat is Yen-Sid!" I squirmed as the two tightened their grip with the platoon slowly losing ground. "There's limits to the Shreg I've seen tonight, and turning into Animals is where I draw the line!"

"FALL BACK" Sephoroth's troops started retreating into the Time Machine one by one, channelling the remaining shield energy into their commander's, Jordan and Shakti were first to pile into the armored convee below. "Fire up the convee, we need to get as far away from these things as we can! For all we know, they might be designed to be-"

"Holy Snap, you're from SOLDIER!" A teenage girl in a very exploitive outfit just suddenly appeared out of nowhere, she sported bright baby blue hair and a very punkish additude about her. "Like, omg, I cannot believe what I'm seein' in your little army men, really diggin the biceps on blondie over there. You clearly be workin' out, but I am clearly hella stronger than all you dweebs combined. So watch and learn, kids..."

Her muscles pumped outward, filling some of the absent curves on her body but also beefing up her abs, calves, biceps, you name it, all adorned by a golden aura enveloping her being. "...cause ya can't get more BEAST then the MotherDunkin' Princess of all-"

The Shriek of the main drone summoned dozens of others like it, impaling the 'Princess' and sending her flying up to the peak of what was supposed to be the Robinson Industries building before immediately self-destructing in her face, blowing the entire tower into particles with everything else exploding around it. But the funny thing about this (freaky funny, not ha-ha funny) was the open hole that opened up to swallow said particles, it wasn't green like the hole that ate Wilbur, but it was still led to a sort of void of poligons.

I watched as the dust flowed inward, noting that each particle was poligonal in being, like a primordial shape ready to be molded into a 3D model. It was there that I realized what this void was doing. 

It was erasing this world from the past, present and future...

"That. They were definitely designed for that." finished Sephoroth.

{Now do you see the true power of the Agency?} A voice I heard from someone, It sounded like Yen-Sid. Nah, couldn't be. {Xehanort and I will repair the Time Machine, You and Eraqus try to find a way to make certain that we don't end up at a Rozen Writer Reunion.}

"You? Fixing the Time Machine with Bowler Hat Zombies at three-o'clock?!" I yelled to Eraqus, aiming my finger to the puppets formerly known as the Robinson family. "Are you Insane!?"

{No, but we're experienced,} It was Yen-Sid, speaking to me in thoughts as he did in the elevator, somehow he maintained his intellect in the rat body's much smaller brain. {More than I can say for this Platoon we've chosen to call our 'backup'.}

"Cloud! Wait!" Zack could only reach out as Cloud roared right towards DOR15 with his beam katana in hand only to be struck by strange beam of energy, different from its usual ammunition. What followed was an empty creature of pure darkness, his anger, his fears, poured into a symbiote of sorrow. It was coated with biological blades on its shoulders, elbows and knees. Its mouth was much like a Zelodon except it belonged to a human face, a human face that was adorned with Rabbit Ears that grew out of Cat Ears but still, a relatively human face.

I stepped out of the Time Machine to see this thing up close, the strange Human-Zelodon-mutant thing was a feminine-yet-broad figure, imposing but somewhat motherly. It scared me just thinking about what purpose it was built to serve. "You sure we can leave them behind to fix this thing?"

"Hey, when you upgrade your computer on a regular basis like he does, this is nothing." Eraqus remarked back, "How hard can it be?"

"Let's hope you know where you're going with this for our sake." I glared at the creature as DOR15 extended a strange hologram projector below a canister that contained what appeared to be these twin zygotes. On the screen was an old man in a black cloak, sinister in nature. Xehanort seemed to be watching the conversation woefully.

"Empty creature from |CLOUD STRIFE| riven, to you: the name |JENOVA| shall be given." This name somehow proved to be a sort of trigger word as he chucks his rifle in favor of his signature Masamune, prompting 'JENOVA' to mold its arms into spear-like appendages in an effort to guard against the Shinra Corporation's war-hardened goldenboy.

"This creature, it thinks it's a cetra. The last time I encountered one of them, it ended up coming from one of my friends: Genesis." His bluish-green eyes appeared to have shed a tear as he spoke in a simple soldier's tone. "The event in question cost me both him and my other friend Angeal. The Nibelheim Incident, January 8th, 1294. That was two years ago." 

"So wait, he's fourty-six years ahead of me?" Eraqus was a bit dumbfounded by this revelation, but I'm surprised they worked the Nibelheim Incident into the Kingdom Hearts canon! "He'd probably be a tyke when I hit the frightening thirties..."

"I let this Agency take that world into the nothingness they crave," Sephoroth readied his seven foot katana, taking it in both hands and readying his stance. "And I won't let this one do the same to this one, not without a fight!"

Sephoroth leapt from column to column, chasing this JENOVA everywhere it went and clashing with its blades, manuvering around the creature in search for a weak spot and then exploiting said vital point with a well-timed beam strike. Meanwhile, We took turns firing attacks and protecting each other from laser fire. But guess what, be it from my scythe or Eraqus' keyblade, the magic doesn't phase 'em either.

"Crossover Clause? Ah, Drib Move!" I knew for a fact that the Agency tends to activate plot armor on native characters. "Agency sure knows its plot armor, huh?"

"Only those from the core story can strike down their neighbors." I danced with my Scythe to deflect the laser blasts pumping up left and right. "So, they've got Retcon Droids to ship these puppets just about anywhere."

"Yeah, well they're aiming to eat up this clog-forsaken rock! Heck, They're doing it right now!" Eraqus was panicking at the encroaching nothing that was slowly approaching the mega-drone. "And now is a good time to pile back in, cause Sephy's got us covered in the Eldrich Abomination department at the moment."

I nodded to him as we made a dash to the Time Machine, but in our path was one of the Zygotes stored within DOR15 which started to grow. Quill-like hair began sprouting from its graying scalp, it's body elongated to six inches, eight, ten, a foot. It was growing like mad while sprouting bone appendages in the same places as JENOVA, We had to jump over the growing creature. Two feet, three feet, We leapt farther and higher than any normal human should, bypassing the geckoesque creature it was transforming into. Four feet, five feet, just by looking at the mug on this guy made me cringe in shock towards what she had morphed that thing into. Six feet, Seven feet, it was a perfect duplicate of the creature born of Cloud's Darkness.

From the Desk of Riley Andersen
Xehanort/NightshadeParadoxX86 - And then there is Xehanort. He looks to be the type of kid who keeps to himself a lot, as if he seems to show regret for doing something pretty terrible. Assuming he's from an Alternate Continuity like with how the KHIII series used to be, I'm going to assume its the guilt he has over his main canon counterpart whose actions can be summed up with the scathing reviews of the third installment of KHII: Birth By Sleep. 'Hijacking an older main character to hijack a newer main character has got to be the biggest slaps in the face we've ever witnessed - Adam Sessler, X-Play' 'Gameplay's good as always, but the way he did the KHII Trio dirty like this is by far the biggest insult to the elder two Trilogies in the Kingdom Hearts franchise - Yahtzee Crenshaw' 'You're not the only one dissapointed, I'm truly dissapointed in the way Nomura wrote my character, I'm truly dissapointed in the company I signed a lifetime contract to seal myself into the Role of the Iconic Master, and I'm dissapointed in that I had to see my character get scruffled up by Nomura's Shaymalanian writing! - Leonard Nimoy, Voice of Master Xehanort'

Hoo, Boy! Three Chapters to the end and the anger is boiling HOT!

Meet The Robinsons © Disney
Final Fantasy VII © Square Enix
Kingdom Hearts © Disney + Square Enix
Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Inside Out © Pixar
Story © These Aren't Muffins Publishing

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