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Speaking of which, Sepheroth was barely holding his own when JENOVA decided to let its darkness flow into the cuts adorning his body, giving it control over Sepheroth's body. "No! You c-cannot-!"

His platoon was panicking from the Convee as the man screamed in searing pain while Zack tended to Cloud's condition with some adhesive medical formula I didn't recognize. "C'mon, dude. You can't give up now, Seph's counting on us."

"I think I might have an idea, Private Fair." a voice on a radio, I focused on the voice and rewordinessance kicked in. Now in another new fella in an army uniform, An evening-blue bob of hair adorned a Korean face and curved frame. She was aiming her sniper rifle at JENOVA, calculating the still winds that are 'blowing' as she put her finger on the Trigger. "The 'liquid radiance' should get Private Strife back on his feet when it strikes JENOVA, but with its infection of the Captain, this may have some effects-."

"I don't care! I just want my friend to be safe!" Zack's scream was enough for me to snap out of the trance as he ran towards the time machine to get a few last words in for us. "Yeah, Things are not looking too good for Seph right now, but I have someone ready to fix it in exactly... Now!"

The sniper fired at the creature which now stood paralyzed with pain. A radiant energy started shining from its core, gradually cracking up its biomass little by little before...


The purple gak covered all involved, except for Sephoroth who was still feeling the sting as two wings began to sprout from his back. Said wings immediately flexed outward with a loud roar! This caught the attention of Xehanort who was keeping track of the barrier surrounding the Time Machine. When he began putting the wire cutters he found in the glove compartment to good use, it was at 64% capacity and dropping faster courtesy of the JENOVA Duplicate. It didn't help that the time machine was starting to fall off the platform.

The Sniper fliped down towards Sepheroth, helping him back onto his feet. "Are you alright, Captain?"

"Retreat to the Convee, we need to report back to base." Sepheroth sounded downright defeated when he made the command, as if he failed someone truly important. 

The Sniper sounded worried for the world they find themselves in "B-But we can still-"

"No, We Can't!" Snarled Sepheroth, his usual gray eyes replaced with a bright blue hue. Obviously another side effect of absorbing a bunch of darkness from Private Strife since inheriting other people's traits seems to be a given when sharing hearts. "Just carry me back to the Convee, Don't worry about Zack, carrying his friend won't slow the young private down."

The sniper nodded and started leaping from platform to platform, approaching the Convee as Zack sighed to himself and helped me and Eraqus up into the Time Machine. I hopped in first to plug the tesla battery in, Eraqus screwed in the gravitational manipulation disc, another plug there and a jack there and we was all set. Yen-Sid casted the spell to change himself back as I got up to reactivate the functionality of the Time Machine in the nick of time. My friends held onto the seats as it plummeted to its apparent doom, only for me to hit the ignition button and pull her back up into the air. I was watching the puppeteered Robinsons as they somehow started to glitch up in more ways than one. Some effects look like a sort of YouTube rip of the movie through the lenses of a bad streaming experience while the other is just a straight up polygon count drop.

The erasure had breached the house.

"Well, that looks like a halfway-decent reason for a good old-fashioned exit strategy." Zack remarked as he leapt aboard the flying convee which was armed to the teeth with weapons that might work on normal soldiers but probably not on the Agency's zombified slaves. "Good Luck with your ad problem, because after what the Agency's actions did to Sephiroth who is admittedly the best of the best round our neck of the woods... You're probably gonna need it!"

I took a deep breath and zoomed out of the room and into the dank, smoggy world the Agency were effectively destroying. Factories churning out metallic 'helping hats' and human slaves kept alive specifically by the hats. The Time Machine's air conditioner naturally protected us from the sweltering heat and toxic fumes. What is it with villainous victories and smog-spewing factories? Is it because it reduces everything to pure darkness? Is that it? Well, clearly it is because the whole house has been converted into a Mega-DOR15 drone that has no intentions to let us leave, even a few mini-drones tried to attack the fiberglass dome but to no avail.

I pressed the gas to go as high up as we could, but the engine could only hold onto its existence for so long, so I had no choice. "Eraqus, could you cast a warp spell on our tail?"

"Wait, that Aerodynamic drop could end up totaling the girl again," Eraqus was panicking for his life, and for good reason as both he and Xehanort were around thirteen at this particular time. "and without Lewis to invent flying cars, this bird's would be as good as toast!"

"Well, so are we once its engine poofs out!" I pointed to the hood to find that the very atoms of its existence were starting to dissolve under the pressure. "We've got no other choice."

"'re right." Eraqus looked to the back of the Time Machine to see the dystopian world as it decayed into simplistic polygonal shapes and Youtube derez. "I'm sorry, Cornelius. I promise, one day when we're strong enough to fight the Agency head on, no branches, no puppets, no nothin'. We'll find a way to set this right."

He raised his keyblade and aimed below as I disengaged the engine and let it phase out of existence from the hood. I felt the wind blowing in my hair, meaning that the protective glass was fading out as well. The splash of a newly-created portal is heard and now, the hopes are now on how big the portal as and if we could fit through it. I closed my eyes, hoped for the best,

From the Desk of Riley Andersen
Retcon Drone - "Why did I ever Invent that Stupid Hat!?" asked the boy who would one day be hijacked by a Writer to invent said stupid hat. Yeah, it turns out that there's an Adform labeled FM-036 who infested Cornelius for the specific purpose of inventing a Time Machine and a template for a new series of attack drone to be used by the Agency. It can seemingly atomize any person, place or thing that the agency has programmed specific ones to target for their schemes. I've had a run in with the mother of them all in person, all the way down to seeing her kill the Father of the Future for the second time today.

C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon.

Meet The Robinsons © Disney
Final Fantasy VII © Square Enix
Kingdom Hearts © Disney + Square Enix
Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Inside Out © Pixar
Story © These Aren't Muffins Publishing

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