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...And Immediately woke up in my bed as if nothing happened. I looked at the clock, 12:21am sunday. Was it a dream? Did I dream these past two and a half hours up in my semigrounded slumber? I looked to the belt and turned on its clock, revealing that it did, in fact, read 10:50pm saturday. It wasn't a dream, I really was teleported into the future, I really did escape from a robotic drone army, I really have met the heroes of the original Kingdom Hearts series.

And I really am dressed like a Tokutronic knight!

I removed the right blade with the screen and disengaged the weapon system, immediately evaporating the suit of armor I somehow woke up wearing. Rushing to my reply table, I prepared to tell Alex a few major things, not everything, about the escapade I've lived through. But not without a visit to the ever-present peanut gallery.

GildedChainbindX86 has opened a note on 12:21am
GildedChainbindX86: You alright, Fic?
ConclusiveFictionD23: All good here.
ConclusiveFictionD23: Pretty ticked off that we can't utter actual names on this thing.
GildedChainbindX86: Yeah, site's getting plenty of flack for this.
GildedChainbindX86: Says its to protect our privacy or something.
ConclusiveFictionD23: Whatever,
ConclusiveFictionD23: Chainy.
ConclusiveFictionD23: Anywho, I want to tell the mod about the superpowers,
ConclusiveFictionD23: but not about how I ended up getting em.
ConclusiveFictionD23: Got any ideas?
GildedChainbindX86: well, I'd tell him about Comic Con,
GildedChainbindX86: Say they surfaced in a mugging.
GildedChainbindX86: And you'll be all set.
ConclusiveFictionD23: That sounds way too simple,
GildedChainbindX86: And they'll tie you up for shock therapy if you tell anyone about the agency.
GildedChainbindX86: Sound like fun?
ConclusiveFictionD23:'re right.
ConclusiveFictionD23: But we can't let the X13s in on this.
GildedChainbindX86: Right.
GildedChainbindX86: Last thing we need is a group of nerds freaking out over a future world being flushed out of existence.
ConclusiveFictionD23: Even if that future world is just a Disney Movie down here.
ConclusiveFictionD23 exited the chatroom at 12:23am

I turn on the camera and began to record my message for Alex. "July 14th, 2017, 12:23am. It finally happened. I somehow managed to manifest my special superpowers, but I did have a little help."


I had a relatively good sleep considering what I saw last night, I was afraid of what this Agency could do to me and the world now that I've seen their hands-on actions. But since I was introduced to them by Eraqus and Xehanort, the O.G. keyslingers themselves, I feel at least a little bit safer on top of the armor that's stuffed in the belt. I looked out the window to give a final check to the outside, the craters were still in the ground, confirming one last time that this particular day really happened. I just gotta keep the truth hidden from mom and dad unless... worse comes to worst and they find themselves entangled in my new, secret life. The smaller crater was shy one trashy princess . the one where the Time Machine apparently crashed still has its framework and seating which were probably borrowed from the ShinRa corporation's scrapyard.

Well, you can at least say that Cornelius was resourceful to the end.

I marched downstairs and sat down for my breakfast, homemade waffles with maple syrup. A simple meal for a simple girl. After a day like last night, I was too exhausted to bother asking more of them, so I just dug into my breakfast and let my mind drift from the looming threat of the Agency and towards summer school, more specifically who's going to replace Mrs. Zorbaka now that she's no longer with us. Maybe the school's waiting for her report on our grades, maybe they might be looking for a last minute replacement, or maybe she was washed away from continuity.

Just like Wilbur...

"What the heck is this?" Dad was reading a book, and judging by his expression, it was probably mine. I wanted to ask dad if I could take a look into it, but the last thing I needed was an adventure with any of the kingdom crews. "Riley, about your book."

"You can read it as much as you like." I glanced to my dad and smiled, knowing that to him, it's just a fictional world I get bundled up in sometimes "Just don't get too invested in it cause unlike me, You actually have a Job to focus on."

I made my way to the door when I saw the cover of the book had the literal face of Kid Vid, i.e. the same Kid Vid I cosplayed at Comic Con. But what would Kid Vid be doing on the cover of a Book about Kingdom Hearts, unless... no, It couldn't be... "It ain't possible!"

Dad appeared shocked from the contents of the book and turned his attention towards me as I began to leave he house. "Riley, what the heck is this book!"

I was pulled to the book and was horrified by what I saw. The trip to Comic Con, the visit to Robinson Industries, Eraqus, Xehanort, SOLDIER, all of it! Written down in this very book was my whole adventure, and It was literally still writing itself!

From the desk of Eraqus Ende
Riley Andersen/ConclusiveFictionD23 - I'll be honest with you, I earnestly did not expect this kid to tag along with us but somehow she came across the Flickerdrive and beeped us about it so, now we have no choice but to consider her and her buddies down in San Francisco part of the team. Thank Kingdom Hearts for it cause she's pretty spice for a normie, cause she's pretty much one of our only guides to her homeworld. I guess it also helps that the Flickerdrive makes her a Super Soldier that can adapt whatever blueprints she slides into the console into the suit, But she says that she doesn't really have any control over its movement or its athletic abilities. The point is, Riley may not like it, but she stuck with our creed whether she likes it or not.

Well put, Era-san.

Kingdom Hearts © Disney
Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Inside Out © Pixar
Story © These Aren't Muffins Publishing

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