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I noticed a glow on the top of the blank page, a number -- emerged from its radiance to my amazement. "Mom, Dad, It's happening again!"

At that point we were closing in on our last stoplight to Fourty Feasts so it was safe for Mom to check out the book and sure enough, mom started to believe me and dad. Citrine shank into her spot in the backseat with a sort of regretful look on her face, Turquoise was thankfully there to comfort her so there were no hard feelings on her end. But me, I had some unfinished business.

I walked up to the counter and asked the cashier about where I could find Eraqus and his friends. "Oh, they're at one of the window tables. Right this way, miss."

And there I saw them, Eraqus waving to me in anticipation until he caught a glimpse of the book. He whispered with Xehanort a bit, with Eraqus ending the short conversation with a confused look on his face. I opened the book to the page that was currently writing itself into being. "Explain this." Eraqus' expression went from intrigue to downright suspicion. He read through the book and slapped his head in an over-the-top bit of hamminess,

"It Ain't Possible!" He cried. Yen Sid took to analyzing my body, inspecting me for anything that would be wrong with me. He looked into my eyes and cast a spell, revealing that there was a golden noose around my neck with a heart-shaped keyhole in the center in between a series of written runes. 

"Just as I thought, A writer's latched onto her." Eraqus and Xehanort looked to me with remorse, holding my hand to assure me that it'll be okay. I, however, am just as lost as you are. "An especially strong genus of the advert parasite. Don't try to remove it as it might just leave you braindead for the next writer to latch onto."

I wanted to, but I could already feel something restraining me, convincing my muscles not to pull away the noose. "Not having much of a problem, cause I'm actually agreeing with this thing."

"Are you sure it's not the writer who's talking?" Yen Sid seemed to be on to something. So he pointed towards me to ask a few questions. "Your favorite sports team."

"What is Minnesota Wild?" I answered.

Yen Sid merely raised his eyebrow, "The sleaziest film you've ever seen."

"What is every Adam Sandler film ever made?" 

Xehanort chuckled at this little joke of mine but it did little to convince the older teen. "The most Minnesota thing you can name off the top of your head that isn't hockey!"

"What is Atop the-"

"Alright, new plan, ask the writer some Yes or No questions." Eraqus started hushing me and Yen Sid because clearly this was getting absolutely nowhere. He poked the keyhole of the noose and smiled, "Does that sound fun, little guy?"

The keyhole beeped once. It startled me to an extent, and even Yen Sid took a double take. "So you already understand the rules? One for yes and two for no, right?"

The keyhole beeped once. "Well, ain't that somethin!"

"And now that we understand each other, Let us now begin." Xehanort sat down on the opposite side of myself alongside Yen Sid and Eraqus. "Have you infected anyone else?"

The keyhole beeped twice. "Do you have a tangible grasp on your powers, any muscles of Riley that you chose to move?"

The keyhole beeped once. "And do you want to control her body? Or her mind?"

The keyhole beeped twice. "So you come in peace?"

The keyhole beeped once. "Do you know your name?"

The keyhole solemnly beeped twice. "And that's a factor in why you want to resist the Agency and maybe join our crew?"

The keyhole remained silent for a while, but then beeped once. "Great job, little buddy can you beam in every hint of intel ya got on the Agency?"

The keyhole remained silent for a while, but then beeped twice.

"What, why not?" Eraqus tilted his head in dumbfoundment, "Is it cause you don't know much?"

The Keyhole beeped once. "Do you even know your name?"

The Keyhole beeped twice. Yen Sid let out a sigh as Xehanort slumped into his seat in dissatisfaction. "So you're a new writer, just manufactured with no further powers at this particular moment."

The Keyhole beeped once. Eraqus groaned in disappointment towards the writer's inexperience towards its own existence. As the waitress placed our food onto the table, I decided to break the silence and propose that: "Maybe it's for the best."

"You really think so?" Eraqus glanced to me as I started to pick up my tray of Nachos.

"Well, the fact that it's new means that it's afraid of the outside world so..." I grasped onto one of its tendrils, showing a bit of kindness as I felt its warmth holding me tight. "We could go ahead and raise the little guy."

"And risk getting the entire world infested with its psychological puppeteering?" Eraqus was disgusted at first, but soon felt rather deflated at the sight of me with the young writer. He glanced at the two and shrugged "So now that we've agreed to help an earther in raising a deadly cosmic parasite of pure cynical advertising, How screwed are we?"

From the desk of Bonnie Anderson
Noel - A cute little critter's latched onto Riley's neck, I panicked when I saw the picture Eraqus sent me. But he and Xehanort both certified its neutrality so It's perfectly fine for me to cuddle and connect with. To be frank, he's kinda like me in that we're both learning new things about this new life that we're living out at the moment, and like me, the writer's really scared, that's why it's soothing us out of the desire to kill it away. Everyone's willing to walk it through being a good guy, a 'benign writer' as they're calling it, it's gonna be tough but whatever keeps us on an even field with this Agency.

And that's the end of Book One. Kind of a Nothlit Tobias scenario with what happened to Robinson Industries, but the fact that the SOLDIER platoon made it out relatively okay means that it wasn't particularly a total loss. Stay tuned for my DeeP DiSH report that caps off every book I finish

Kingdom Hearts © Disney
Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Inside Out © Pixar
Story © These Aren't Muffins Publishing

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